Understanding the 8 C's of Diamonds - Expert Guide

8 c’s of Diamonds


Carat is a unit of measurement used exclusively by the diamond industry for measuring the weight of gemstones. The term carat was coined from the ancient practice of comparing the weight of precious stones and metals against carob tree seeds. In the future this method was substituted with one carat equaling to 200mg or .2 grams of a diamond. Carats can also be measured with points, where 100 points equal to a full carat.


Well-cut diamonds are highly sought after due to the brilliant way they reflect and refract light, giving them a highly alluring sparkle. They are usually measured on a scale which can range from ideal, very good, good, and poor. Moreover, how a rough diamond is initially cut later defines the kind of shapes a diamond can be cut into different shapes such as round, heart, cushion, princess, marquise, etc.


Diamonds are often seen in a colourless form; however, natural causes can often lead to an array of magnificently coloured diamonds. Higher value diamonds are usually chemically pure and have no hue present. The colour of a diamond is measured by evaluating it with precise viewing and under controlled lighting against masterstones of established colour value. This is done on GIA’s D-Z scale, with D noted as being colourless and going further down the alphabet to Z being noted as highly coloured. Advancements in technology allowed for the invention of colorimeter for diamonds that can now accurately predict the colour of a diamond without the use of masterstones.


Diamond clarity refers to the number of flaws or inclusions present in a diamond. Diamonds often have impurities, spots, inclusions, or flaws present in them due to the highly volatile nature of their creation during crystal growth. It is often a rarity to find pure diamonds without blemishes, however not all blemishes cause a diamond’s beauty to diminish, especially when they cannot be detected by the naked eye. Diamond clarity is often graded on the basis of colour, size, position and the amount of flaws/inclusions present.


Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes; and these factors often help determine the price of a diamond. Carat, Cut, Colour & Clarity are key factors utilized industry-wide to ascertain the cost of a diamond. By finding the right mix between all of these factors you can often find diamonds that are just right for you and well-suited for your budget. In today’s day and age, it is even easier to create your own custom jewels that are not only affordable but also wholly unique to you and can be passed down for generations to come.


Independent gemological laboratories issue grading reports on all diamonds to ensure their credentials and certify their authenticity as natural diamonds. Government verified organizations certify the diamonds in order to cull the illegal trade and stop the abuse of human labour. This ensures that you’re not only getting genuine diamonds for the right price but also morally and ethically processed products. This provides a guarantee that you are paying the right amount for a diamond based on its varying qualities. This assessment is done by a neutral third-party grading body that ensures honest practice in the trade and conducts an unbiased assessment.


This is a special C that considers the love that is represented by the value and happiness that diamonds represent for an individual. Whether it is celebrating a cherished anniversary with a loved one, gifting someone on Christmas Eve or Diwali, enjoying the festivities of Eid or attending a star-studded event, there will always be a special diamond available for you. Here at Pure Legacy, we understand the importance of these events and values and provide 100% eco-friendly diamonds that are customized according to your satisfaction and offered at affordable prices with customer friendly exchange policies.

Custom Made

This is an exclusive C here at Pure Legacy for those who want to give a personal touch of creation, love and affection for their loved ones when purchasing bespoke jewellery. For our luxuriant products, we allow services such as personalized packaging, involving customers in the creation process, as well as specialized video messages that can be included with the diamonds to show your dedication and endearment for that special someone.