Buy Natural Rough Diamonds at wholesale prices in Dubai, UAE.

Rough Diamonds

Buy Natural Rough Diamonds at wholesale prices in Dubai, UAE.

Nature’s Handiwork

It takes billions of years for Mother Nature to nurture and define naturally occurring diamonds into beautiful and one-of-a-kind shapes. The formation of diamonds takes place in a layer known as the mantle, which is present 100 miles deep within the Earth. Here, extreme pressure and heat combine to modify graphite on an atomic level into mesmerizing shapes of carbon we know as diamonds. Nature then helps move these gemstones from the deep depths of the earth through to the surface through unique volcanic pipes known as kimberlite pipes.

The natural combination of carbon dioxide and magnesium then compel the carbon rich magma to the surface which causes violent volcanic eruptions, depositing diamond rich magma across the volcano’s surface and further beyond into seabed, rivers, etc.

Mining the diamonds

The process of mining then takes place with utmost importance and care so that no harm may come to nature and its surroundings. This takes place through various mining processes such as:
The diamonds are then unearthed through crushing the ores and passing them through grease belts resulting in the formation of rough diamonds. This is the purest form of a diamond before the process of customizing a diamond can take place. These sustainable methods of naturally obtaining diamonds often ensure environmental care and do not create carbon footprints in comparison to the process of creating synthetic diamonds through urban factories.

Classifying Natural Diamonds

After the process of procuring from mines, diamonds are then taken through the process of classification through the industry wide standard of carat, cut, colour and clarity. Carat helps to determine the weight of a diamond, Cut involves how a diamond will be cut, Colour measures the colour of a diamond on a D-Z scale and Clarity refers to the purity of a diamond. Diamonds have a wide variety of uses such as:

Shaping the Diamond

Diamonds are the hardest substance found on Earth, with a rating of 10 on Mohs scale, the highest possible measurement. It is often a complex and quite nuanced process to cut a diamond, which requires an adept level of precision and care through the use of a specialized laser or saw. The saw is often coated with diamond dust which actually helps to cut the other diamond into shape and provide customizable cuts for your diamonds. With the help of advancement in technology this process has been further refined through the process of graphical mapping to determine accurately how and what shapes a diamond can be cut into with precision.

Brilliamteering : Shine Bright like a Diamond

Finally, the process of polishing, or with its better-known name brillianteering, takes place. This determines the polishing of a diamond’s facets which then reflect an ample amount of light. This is done through the placement of upper half, lower half, and star facets on a diamond. The shine of a diamond is dependent on the diamond’s reflectiveness. This aids in enhancing the sparkly look of a diamond and giving your diamond the look of a shining beacon during cherished events. Here at Pure Legacy we ensure our diamonds are of exceptional quality by cutting and polishing them in our own factories to achieve a level of adamantine luster that shows our commitment towards being adamantine towards our customers as well.