Buy women's Diamond Jewellery in UAE at Wholesale Prices

Women’s Jewellery


Engagement Rings

Design your unique rings in the way you want and customize your look with a wide variety of designs and ring materials, providing you with the most desirable style of rings

Diamond Earrings

Decorate your ears and show their beauty with our customizable earring designs that showcase the unique beauty of your ears. Choose the length and size that is favourable for you, your partner or as a gift for near and dear ones

Diamond Pendants

Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our stunning pendants collection can be paired up with all kinds of chains to give you an ever-evolving look

Wedding Jewellery

Adorn your neck with luxurious one-of-a-kind necklaces with all your personalization needs fulfilled using different metals and gemstones


Anklets are a special kind of jewellery that help accentuate your feet in a magnificent manner and make you stand out from the rest


Easily chic and comfortable bangles that help to accentuate your arms in a freeing manner while also elevating your stylish outfit


Centre Stone

A centre stone is usually the biggest gem nestled carefully in the focal point of a ring with prongs to firmly secure the stone.


Side Stones

Side stones are matched pairs of gemstones that flank the sides of a central gemstone.


Ring Metal

A ring can be made of various metals such as silver, gold or platinum and commonly come in purities such as 10K, 14K or 24K.


Ring Band

A band is the bottom portion of the ring that can be sized to perfectly fit your finger and even include custom inscriptions.