Buy men's Diamond Jewellery in UAE at Wholesale Prices

Men's Jewellery



Rings are some of the most common jewellery worn by men. Whether its an intricate design or something more akin to simple elegance, we can help bring it to life


A classy way to enrich a shirt, cufflinks provide that sheen look of chic fashion. Cufflinks come in a wide variety of designs and can be fitted with an abundance of ornaments to give you an exclusive look

Tie Bars

An elegant new addition to men's jewellery, tie bars provide a classy look to men's attire and we can provide customized bars with different metals and craftsmanship


Front Face

This is the front facing facet of a cufflink that is immediately visible to onlookers.


Insert Member

This is the inner space of a cufflink that allows for insertion of gems and other peripherals to form the overall design.



A post is the extended section of a cufflink that goes through buttonholes in your shirt



Toggles are present at the lower end of a cufflink that help secure it in place, these can be fixed or moveable.